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Storage Units

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When you’re planning a move it can feel like you’re caught up in a whirlwind. You have to pack, hire a mover, cancel subscriptions, register your kids at their new school, and much more. It can help relieve some of that moving day stress if you’re able to transfer your belongings a little at a time at your own pace. If that sounds like something worth trying, consider storing furniture, boxes, and other items in self storage until you’re ready for them. At Speedy Self Storage, we provide a wide range of storage units in Toronto to help you stay organized. Whether you’re getting ready to move, remodelling, or just hoping to declutter, we’ve got a unit that’s right for you.

The Right Size for Your Storage Needs

From bulky furniture to boxes of paperwork, Speedy Self Storage has a storage unit that fits your needs. All of our units are clean, secure, and climate controlled. We have a range of sizes from small 5’ x 5’ units that are great for storing items that could fit into a large closet like seasonal items, boxes, or small furniture to large 10’ x 25’ units that can store multiple rooms of furniture or commercial inventory. If you’re not sure how big of a storage unit you will need, ask us! Our storage experts can assess the amount and size of your items and suggest which storage units at our Toronto facility would work best. 

Security 24/7 – Keep Your Belongings Safe

At Speedy Self Storage, we know that safety and security are top priorities when people consider renting a storage unit. That’s why our facility is secured both inside and out with state-of-the-art, 24-hour surveillance equipment. We limit access to our entrance with a controlled electronic keypad and card scanner as well as ensure each locker is fitted with an alarm. There are over 30 cameras on site to monitor the grounds, and we hire an independent security team who continuously monitors and inspects the buildings with trained dogs. You can have peace of mind knowing that whether you’re storing valuable heirlooms or important documents, Speedy Self Storage can keep it safe.

Climate Controlled & Clean to Protect Your Items

Sensitive materials like musical instruments, artwork, electronics, vinyl records, and delicate documents are safe in our climate controlled storage units. Our Toronto facility carefully monitors each unit. We keep temperatures from reaching extremes as well as ensure the humidity is set at the right level to protect your belongings from moisture damage. Climate controlled storage is also great for those who have to store items for long periods of time. If you plan on having your items stored for a year or more our climate control service can keep them safe when the seasons and weather changes. Talk to our team at Speedy Self Storage to learn more about the benefits of climate controlled storage units.